2013 Media Articles

Adelaide student and stroke survivor William Russell has set up a support network for teenagers being bullied, Sunday Mail August, 18th 2013, Journalist: Craig Cook

PERSONAL MISSION: Billy Russell is determined to help change the culture of teenage bullying. Picture: Matt Turner.

DOCTORS gave little hope William 'Billy' Russell would survive his birth after he suffered a stroke in his mother's womb.

Even if he did survive they gave him a slim chance of ever walking or talking properly.

But proving people wrong has been a crusade for Billy, 19 this week, and he is now dedicating his life to putting bullies in their place. 

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Unley Rotary Club, 17th of September 2013

courtesy of the Unley Rotary Club

Guest Speaker William “Billy” Russell was introduced by Vera Holt. Billy is a year 12 student at

Urrbrae High school and he has created a support group for students who are being or have been 

bullied or harassed. He has also created a support website called Teen Support Network. All of 

his time is volunteered. He had a stroke in Utero and was not expected to survive and if he did 

Doctors gave him little chance of walking and talking.

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Vile Facebook burn book returns after being shut down, The Advertiser, Friday November 29th 2013,  Journalist:  Elisa Black

Urrbrae student Billy Russell, who runs the Teen Support Network in honour of his friend who suicided after being bullied, has been targeted by a new Facebook burn book. Picture: Naomi Jellicoe.

A TEENAGE anti-bullying advocate has been viciously targeted by a cowardly anonymous Facebook page that spreads sexually explicit rumours about Adelaide school students.

Creators of a new Adelaide burn book page - which has garnered more than 1600 likes since it was created on November 8 - appropriated and defaced 19-year-old Billy Russell's Facebook profile photo after he posted on the page about the dangers of cyber-bullying.

In the photo displayed prominently on the site as a cover image, Billy's face has been replaced with a potato with the words "F**k Billy Russell" typed underneath.

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