Homophobic Bullying 

What is Homophobic Bullying

Homophobic bullying is a deliberate and intentional action and or verbal comments directed at a person or even a group of people that identify themselves as being a part of the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and intersex) community.

Homophobic bullying may include:

  • Teasing
  • Name Calling i.e. ‘Fag’, ‘Faggot’, ‘Dyke’, ‘That’s so Gay’
  • Spreading rumours associated with a person's sexual orientation
  • Making suggestive remarks
  • Social isolation via verbal abuse i.e. “No way because you’re such as fag or you're so gay”

Terms such as ‘That’s So Gay’, ‘You’re such a homo’, ‘what a homo’, ’That’s Gay As’ that compares same-sex attraction to words like ‘Crap’. Some people see it as harmless fun between themselves but people who identify as being same-sex attracted and or gender diverse can be really affected by these remarks.

Homophobic bullying can also include physical abuse, damage of personal possessions, social exclusion, and cyber bullying.

Affects from Homophobic Bullying can include:

  • Mental health issues (depression, anxiety)
  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence
  • Not Attending certain classes at school, or being absent from school all together or even Work
  • Feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • Poor Concentration
  • Suicidal Thoughts 

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