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The Thread App 

The Thread App is created by the Carly Ryan Foundation, ‘Thread’ is a personal safety app for children (aged from 8 years) that combines the benefits of contemporary technology with clever design and personal devices. In stressful situations, where only one action can be taken, Thread provides an immediate connection between: a user’s location, trusted contacts and emergency services.


Get it for iPhones:

Cyber Safety Help Button 

The Australian Government's Cybersafety Help Button provides internet users, particularly children and young people, with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia. It offers counselling, reporting and educational resources to assist young people deal with online risks including cyberbullying, unwanted contact, scams and fraud, and offensive or inappropriate material.

The help button is a free application that is easily downloaded onto personal computers, mobile devices, and school and library networks.

All you need do is choose one of the installation options. Once the help button is installed, you can access it anytime for help or advice about something unsafe or upsetting that you have encountered on the internet.


The anti-cyberbullying app

Bullydown is an app for young people in Australia that guides them through their options if they are experiencing cyberbullying. It is designed by young people for young people and provides the consequences of a range of actions available when dealing with issues around cyberbullying, and encourages them to use support services that are available. It also includes a fun Magic 8-ball feature.

Privacy: This app does not collect, store, nor transmit any data about you, or your use of the app.

Get it here on the Google Play Store:

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