Is Your Child Online: 


• With a classmate that is BULLYING them? 

• Posting items that may impact their tertiary education admissions?

PROTECTACHILD provides real-time awareness for the parent while safeguarding the privacy of their tweens and teens who use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Instagram, bebo, Myspace and Google+. Busy parents can know immediately if explicit or damaging content is being posted to or from a child’s page. If any term or statement (for example: references to obscenity, drugs, depression etc…) is found, the parent instantly receives an email alert or a push notification on their free iPhone app with the context of the usage and a link to the page so they can determine if there is an issue that needs parental attention. PROTECTACHILD does not hack into or violate the privacy of the people who use it. It is a search tool that analyzes posts on their children’s pages to provide parents with accurate awareness of the existence of content that can be harmful to their children’s safety, reputation or standing in the community.

for more information regarding the ProtectaChild's Program visit their website here:

Download or view this PDF file titled Take The First Steps In Combating Online Risks To Your Child, Resource From ProtectaChild 

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