In February 2015, a 12-year-old boy named Braeden who lives just outside Philadelphia, United States came out as gay on an online chat forum between a group of his peers after one of his peers was making a lot of homosexual jokes Braeden decided he had enough and did not want to take on the stress of it and blurted it out "there is nothing wrong with being Gay because I am Gay".

Although having a supportive family, but on the other hand he suffered from bulling at school because of his sexuality Branden even had thoughts of suicide and even cried himself to sleep at night, his parents found an old interview of a former lacrosse goalie Andrew Goldstein who happens to be also gay this gave Braeden hope, Branden's dad wrote an email to Andrew about what was happening, Andrew than got back in contact but he also had other things in mind to help with Branden's journey.

As Braeden loves to play lacrosse Braden and Andrew came up with the Courage Game aimed at bringing together LGBT players and their allies to play a game of Lacrosse.

Braeden’s family wants to pay it forward after the help they have received over the year from Andrew and the wider community, the family want to create a home for the homeless LGBT youth in their city of Philadelphia as the suicide rate among the LGBT community is really high and that once some of the teens come out of the closet their families disowns them and basically leaves them on the streets they want to change that and they would like to keep on paying it forward.

To Learn more about the story watch the video below

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