The Thread App 
AN App Keeping Kids Safe

South Australian, Sonya Ryan started The Carly Foundation Inc.  After her teenage daughter Carly was murdered by an online predator in 2007. Since then Sonya has worked tirelessly in making sure this never happens again to anyone. On the 28th January 2015 Sonya and her team at The Carly Ryan Foundation launched a new app called The Thread App  is available for both Apple iPhones & Android Smart Phones.

A little about The Thread App is created by the Carly Ryan Foundation, ‘Thread’ is a personal safety app for children (aged from 8 years) that combines the benefits of contemporary technology with clever design and personal devices. In stressful situations, where only one action can be taken, Thread provides an immediate connection between: a user’s location, trusted contacts and emergency services.

To find out more about The THREAD APP visit the apps website  or visit The Carly Foundation's website

Download on Apple iPhones:

Download on Android Phones

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