Tony's Story

Content Warning: Use of Strong language

‘Tony’ was your average teenager, sure he experienced a lot of hatred in his short 15 years of life but he’d just brushed it off until he came out as Gay in High School. ‘Tony’ was physically, verbally, cyber and homophobic bullied, other students would call him “faggot”, “fag”, “gay”, and the list goes on. 

They would also often punch, kick, and spat on him and at times destroy his personal property. His family even disowned him because of his same-sex attraction, they did not even provide him with help, and his parents even kicked him out of the family home.

‘Tony’ like most teenagers do, he went online and socialized with his friends on social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr ‘Tony’ had other teenagers sending him threatening messengers I will always remember that someone sent him this message on Facebook.

"Nobody like’s you, you ‘faggot’ why don’t you just go and kill yourself the world will be a better place without you, you ‘F***ing faggot’”. Another person sent ‘Tony’ “You’re going to hell you ‘fag’ because god and I believe that it’s a sin to love someone of the same-sex”.

‘Tony’ had suffered enough brutality in his short life that he decided to end it by taking a deadly mixture of medication both prescription and pain killers in which he had succeeded in, he took his life on the 15th of September 2011.

Just months prior ‘Tony’s’ death he asked me to keep a promise and that was to start up a website that was aimed at providing young people and their families and friends from all walks of life, with supportive information and useful resources. He also asked me to keep his identity a secret and so I am using ‘Tony’.

I remember the last phone call we had.

“ ‘Tony’: William, if I go to the stage of taking my own life I want you to know something. Me: tell me, ‘Tony’ I’m listening. ‘Tony’: You are such a great friend of mine and I want you know that you’re a shining light within the dark, you brighten up so many people’s lives and I want you to keep a promise. Me: Sure thing I’m all ears. ‘Tony’: I want you to start up a website, a website that will provide support, advice, and useful information, to people from all walks of life who are experiencing the same as I am going though. I said sure of course anything 'Tony'. 'Tony': bye William talk sometime soon shall well? Me: of course we will bye 'Tony' talk soon".

That was the last time I ever heard from him.

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